Todd uses strengths to empower his students to figure out the kind of pharmacist they want to be. Knowing who they are as a person and a pharmacist allows them to contribute to the field and succeed!
Vall uses her strengths to be an effective Community Advisor in Residence Life in both little and big ways.
In CEHD Student Services, there is a group consisting of advisors and career services staff that focuses on Strengths and the CEHD First Year Experience program. The CEHD Strengths Spotlight was an idea that came out of this group. The group was discussing how to provide new ways to focus on Strengths that gives tangible examples of how both students and professionals develop their Talent Themes and use their Strengths, and how it is integrated into the CEHD student experience.
If Emily is feeling stressed out about school work she knows she can rely on her Achiever strength which allows her to break down large tasks into smaller steps. Applying her strengths helps Emily be a happy and productive person!
Taking StrengthsQuest helped Elizabeth discover who she is and opened her eyes to what she can accomplish by being herself.
A-ha moment! That's what Chad had when he heard a presenter say that strengths are yearnings. This lead him to better understand how his Top Five strengths work together. Chad views strengths development as an on-going journey, one that he is happy to be on!
Knowing his own strengths and those of his team members helps Timothy build meaningful and productive relationships and results.
As the undergraduate student government at the University of Minnesota, MSA is constantly faced with challenges and opportunities in addressing student needs on campus. By understanding how their Strengths fit together as a team, they can more effectively collaborate to solve problems. MSA member Laura Smith says, “When we met to discuss our Strengths, we created plans to capitalize them in each of our roles and properly move forward to better serve students.” MSA created a Strengths mural to show off their Strengths.
CBS Student Services employees embrace strengths at work. At a recent staff retreat, we created signs with our names and images that depicted our strengths and presented them to the group. The signs were then displayed in our office for several weeks in our "gallery of strengths" (see attached photo). Each staff member also has his/her strengths listed on his/her office door. In addition to displaying our strengths, we have created an office culture that considers individual strengths when creating committees or assigning projects. As student services professionals, we also facilitate discussions with students in advising meetings and class activities to help students understand and embrace their strengths.
Tori discovers that strengths can be valuable and meaningful when used with intention on a daily basis. Knowing your personal strengths can also be helpful for planning for the future, such as choosing a career path.