Faculty and Staff:

Your Strengths at Work: The Do-It-Yourself Team Session

This session was created by Organizational Effectiveness through the Office of Human Resources to support you in bringing the StrengthsFinder/StrengthsQuest tool into you department or group. This is an interactive online course for you to share with any team or group here at the Univeristy of Minnesota. The session is designed as a 90 minute session. You must authenticate using your x.500 in order to access the workshop. To access the workshop, please visit Scroll down a bit until you see Online Strengths Course. You will need to authenticate to your U of M email account prior to being able to access the workshop. 

Customized Sessions

Please contact the Organizational Effectiveness department for a list of people you can contact for outside of the University who can provide strengths-related consultation, coaching and workshop facilitation. 

Strengths Development Approach to Advising Webinar

This webinar was produced by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA). The Center for Academic Planning and Exploration (CAPE) has purchased a DVD of this webinar and is making it available to for departments on the Twin Cities campus to check out on a time-limited basis. Contact CAPE directly at to reserve the DVD for your department.

Gallup Webinars, Workshops, and Conferences

Gallup offers many free online webinars and fee-based workshops and conferences. Registration for these events is is required. You can learn more about these opportunities by clicking here