34 in 34: Strengths in Action

Below are stories from students, staff, faculty, alums, and employers who are using their Strengths to be successful. Get inspired about how you can apply your own Strengths in academics & career, experiences, and your daily life. All stories are in the form of pdfs so that you can download them, print them, and post them or incorporate them into your PowerPoints for classes or workshops!

FOCUS Strength 34/34

Check out all 34 strength stories!


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CONSISTENCY Strength 33/34

Jenny Porter,  Staff

Associate Director 

Orientation & First-Year Programs


Katie Kranz, Student 

 Senior English Major

 College of Liberal Arts


Tags: Consistency, teaching, welcome week, fairness


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SELF-ASSURANCE Strength 32/34


Amer Sassila, Student

Architecture & Civil engineering

College of Design

Colby Heineman, Staff

 Coordinator for Transfer Student Initiatives,

 Academic and Career Coach


Tags: confidence, self-driven, certainty, challenges

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SIGNIFICANCE Strength 31/34

Drew Taylor,  Student

Sophomore, Neuroscience

College of Biological Sciences 


Laura Boche, Staff

Collegiate Life Coordinator
College of Science and Engineering

 Tags: impactful, Significance, inspire others

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DELIBERATIVE Strength 30/34


Tim Butzen,  Student

Sophomore Sociology Major,

College of Liberal Arts


Laura Wiesner,  Staff

Residence Director,

University Village


Tags: Purpose, Intention, Obstacles, Housing & Residential Life

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CONTEXT & INTELLECTION, Strength 28-29/34

Regent David McMillan & son Drew McMillan

Tags: future, seeing the big picture, school, observation, parenting

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COMMUNICATION Strength 27/34

Katelyn Wright, Student

Junior English Major, CLA


Kristin Economos,  Staff

Academic Advisor

College of Biological Sciences


Tags: working with others, teaching, advising, inclusive enviornments

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ANALYTICAL Week 25 Strength 26/34


Wilsen Hadiwikarsa

Biochemistry College of  

Biological Sciences, Junior


Cody Mikl,  Staff

Facility Manager

Department of Recreational Sports


Tags: Research, Patterns, Thoughtfulness, Decision Making

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INPUT Week 24 Strength 25/34


Heather Fredrickson,  Staff

Assistant Director
Career and Internship Services  CCE, CDes, CFANS


Keshika De Saram, Student


College of Design, Junior


Tags: Learning, Travel, Ideas, Curiosity, Creativity

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Command Week 23 Strength 24/34


Alex Holland Student


Carlson School of Management, Junior


Grant Anderson,  Staff

Coordinator for Housing & Residential Life


Tags: Goals, Leading, Problem Solving

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DISCIPLINE Week 22 Strength 23/34


Peyton Owens III,  Staff

Director of Student-Athlete Affairs in

Intercollegiate Athletics


Monica Greis, Student

Speech, Language, and

Hearing Sciences

College of Liberal Arts, Junior


Tags: Efficiency and Effectiveness, Structure and Organization, Routine, Relationship Building

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ARRANGER Week 21 Strength 22/34


Glenn Hirsch, Ph.D., Staff

L.P. Director University

Counseling & Consulting Services


Gregory “Jake” Starsiak, Student

Junior Biology Major

College of Biological Sciences


Tags: organization, managing multiple priorities, goals

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RESTORATIVE Week 20 Strength 21/34


Daniel Waldron, Staff

Administrative Specialist and Student Services

College of Education and

Human Development


Megan Gosch, Student

Senior Journalism Major

School of Journalism


Tags: problem solving, helping students, perseverance, attitude

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COMPETITION Week 19 Strength 20/34


Eric Kaler, Faculty

President of the University of Minnesota


Becky Hall, Staff

Director of Career Services

Administration Office for Student Affairs


Tags: work ethic, achievement, striving to be the best, University of Minnesota

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INCLUDER Week 18 Strength 19/34


Missy Reilly, Student


College of Biological Sciences


Jerry Rinehart, Staff

Vice Provost for Student Affairs and

Dean of Students


Tags: Groups, Community, Work Environments, Inclusivity 

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ACHIEVER Week 17 Strength 18/34


Beth Lory, Staff

Employer Relations

College of Liberal Arts


Reece Quesnel, Student

Marketing and MIS

Carlson School of Management


Tags: Goals, Taking on Challenges, Projects


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LEARNER Week 16, Strength 17/34


Martha Johnson, Staff

Assistant Dean

Learning Abroad Center


Katie Eichele, Staff


The Aurora Center for

Advocacy and Education


Tags: Culture, new ideas, empowerment

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WOO Week 15, Strength 16/34


Leah Milojevic, Staff

Assistant Director - CLA Diversity Student Support Programs

College of Liberal Arts


Jay Ebert, Student

Marketing and MIS

Carlson School of Management


Tags: networking, business,presentations 

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CONNECTEDNESS Week 14, Strength 15/34


Robert Danforth Ph.D., Staff

Senior Academic Advisor

Degree and Credit Programs

College of Continuing Education


Heidi Chung, Student

Individualized Study

College of Liberal Arts


Tags: Culture, Advising & Teaching, Relationship Building


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ADAPTABILITY Week 13, Strength 14/34


Ilana Ostrin, Alum

Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology

English and Jewish Studies,

December 2011, CLA


Cam Sorensen, Student

German Studies

College of Liberal Arts


Tags: Well-Being, Group Projects, Adapting to change

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IDEATION Week 12 Strength 13/34

Paul Spangle, Staff

Assistant Director for Student

Engagement & First Year Programs

College of Liberal Arts


Brian Long, Alum

The Nerdery

Communication Studies, December 2011, CLA


Tags: Partnering, Creativity, Intentionality, Problem Solving

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BELIEF, Week 11/34, Strength 12/34

Emily Mitzelfeldt, Student

Mathematics Major

College of Science and Engineering


Amelious N. Whyte, Jr., Staff

Assistant Dean of Students and Chief of Staff, Office for Student Affairs


Tags: Values, Leadership, Tough Decision, Working with Students

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HARMONY Week 10, Strength 11/34

Anna Williams, Alum

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Child Psychology Major,

December 2011, CLA

Kathryn Krieger, Student

Mechanical Engineering

College of Science and Engineering


Tags: balance, relationships, teamwork




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DEVELOPER Week 9 Strength 10/34

Sarah Keene, Staff. Coordinator-Epidemiology

April Hinojos, Student. College of Education & Human Development

Sarah Norman, Student. Communication Studies & Political Science. College of Liberal Arts

Maria Frank, Student. Nutrition. College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resources

Emily Kossila, Student. Biology. College of Biological Sciences


Tags: Teamwork, mentoring, career, community




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ACTIVATOR Week 8 Strength 9/34

Ann Schmitz, Student


College of Food, Agricultural and

Natural Resource Sciences


Emily Smith, Alum

Human Resource Development,

Business Marketing

Education, May 2011


Tags: goals, purpose, teaching, doing things outside your comfort zone

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FUTURISTIC Week 7 Strength 8/34

Ferdinand Schlapper, Staff

Director/Chief Health Officer
Boynton Health Service
Sukanya Momsen, Student
Honors Student
College of Liberal Arts
Tags: goals, leadership

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MAXIMIZER Week 6 Strength 7/34

Kacey Gregerson, Staff

Assistant Academic Advisor 

College of Liberal Arts


Michelle Hobbs, Student

Elementary Education major, College of Education and Human Development, Senior

Community Advisor, Sanford/Wilkins


Tags: Residence Life, Teaching, Advising, surprising strength

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STRATEGIC & POSITIVITY Week 5 Strength 5-6/34

Kenny Devine, Student (sophomore)

Strength: Positivity

Recreation, Park, and Leisure Studies major

College of Education & Human Development


Regent Thomas Devine, Alum & Kenny’s Dad

Strength: Strategic

This week is a special feature about Regent Thomas Devine and his son, U of M student Kenny Devine


Tags: Career, Parenting, Father/Son Relationship, Leadership, Teams

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RELATOR Week 4/34 Strength 4/34

Liz Schenkat, Student (senior)

Retail Merchandising Major, College of Design

Top 5: Communication, Individualization, Relator, Empathy, Woo


Sarah Schenkat, Liz’s mom

Top 5: Significance, Achiever, Belief, Competition, Harmony

This week is a special feature in celebration of Parents Weekend Sept. 28-30


Tags: Parenting, Friendships, Mother/Daughter Relationship

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INDIVIDUALIZATION Week 3/34 Strength 3/34

Ingrid Anne Bergquist, Student
Business and Marketing Education
College of Education and Human Development
Jessica Chung, Alum
Marketing, Carlson School of
Management, May 2011
Currently pursuing a masters
degree in College Student Personnel at  Bowling Green State University
Tags: Business, Teaching, Conflict





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RESPONSIBILITY Week 2/34 Strength 2/34

Shawn Haag, Staff
Program Coordinator
Center for Transportation Studies
Brian Walters, Student
Animal Science, College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, Senior
Tags: Teams, Sports, Group Projects


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EMPATHY Week 1/34 Strengths 1/34

Marissa Murphy, Student
Biology, College of Biological Sciences, Junior
Alysia LaJune, Staff
Assistant Director of Orientation & The Transfer Student Experience, Orientation & First Year Programs (OFYP)

Tags: Transfer Students, Career, working with others




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